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How To Create The Perfect Sidebar

Blog TipsDiana TrinhComment

Here are simple tweaks you can make to your blog sidebar to make it reader friendly and organized. 

1. Craft the perfect "About Me" Bio    

Let me tell you something, humans are selfish. People always want to know about things that can help them or solve a problem that they have - it's perfectly normal. That’s why it’s important for us to tell readers how exactly we will benefit them. That’s the secret ingredient.

Here is my 3 part formula for crafting the perfect about me copy. 

1.      Tell people who you are
2.      What you do
3.      & how you can help them. 

My bio states that “I’m a social media marketer, design enthusiast and blogger. I love helping bloggers increase traffic to their website, design gorgeous graphics, and become a better blogger.” This clearly states who I am, what I do, and also to someone who is reading that – who I serve and how I can help them. 

If you’re a health coach, let people know what your “why” is. “I strive to help women feel confident in their bodies and live a healthier life.” This is great because people who are struggling with their body image will read that and think, "This is me. This is what I want to improve, and where I want to be."  

2. Utilize your search bar and make sure others can find it.

Okay, I am a huge fan of the search bar and I use it ALL THE TIME. If I land on an amazing blog then I’m going to want to search for certain things, whether it’s facebook ad training, instagram tools, things of that sort. Please have a search bar, and put it at the top. 

3. Have Categories.

Categories are important, I go straight for categories when I see a blog that I really love. (I know I don't have my categories up yet!) They help make your blog more organized and let people easily find your stuff when they just feel like browsing (unlike the search bar which is of course more specific). I think that some people make the mistake of having too many categories when they start out blogging, but don’t worry, it’s never too late to really clean up your blog!

Example categories for my blog (business/marketing) would be: Social Media, Graphic Design, Blogging, Clients.

For a lifestyle blogger it could be: Fashion, Travel, Beauty, Life.

A health blogger could have: Recipes, Workouts, Health Tips.

4. Put your newsletter opt-in in a place that's easy to find + Make sure the copy is interesting.

90% of everyone that I reviewed had, “Subscribe here to get daily updates” which was standard and comes with every newsletter block. Here’s how to really make an impression on new bloggers who land on your site.

Tell them what they’re getting, and when they’re getting it.

Why should they sign up for your newsletter? What amazing things are they going to get? Are they going to get a newsletter from you 1x a month? 3x a week? Everyday (don’t do this).

1. If you’re a fitness coach, you could say something like, “Ready for a new you? Sign up here to get fitness videos sent straight to your inbox once a week.” Questions do very well because when there is a question, people who read it form an answer inside their head. 

2. If you're a food blogger, write something like, "Don't miss another healthy recipe, join the party." 

Bonus Tips:

Make the "Submit" Button super fun! Write something like, "I'm in!" or "I want it!" 

5. Your Social Share buttons should not be hidden at the bottom of your sidebar.

I like my social share buttons under my about me, so after people read it they can click on my social media icons and get to connect with me. Don’t put it at the bottom. You want people to connect with you, so make sure it’s easily found.