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How to prepare for your first Blog Workshop

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I was able to attend Snap! The Instagram workshop held in Venice Beach this past Saturday. As it was my first workshop, I was so excited but at the same time very nervous. What if I didn’t meet anyone? What if everyone was in their own clique and I will be left standing alone? What if I want to leave early? 

But, I decided to take the leap – because after all, as a blogger/entrepreneur you just have to take risks and do things that are out of your comfort zone. In order to grow, you need to invest in yourself, learn new things, and make connections. So, on Saturday my boyfriend dropped me off and I entered the Snap workshop not knowing what to expect.

Isn't this gorgeous?

Isn't this gorgeous?

Since the workshop was centered around Instagram, we were surrounded by beautiful scenery, delicious looking food (that was yummy), and picture perfect backgrounds. The workshop was led by the + lasted from 11 – 4pm. After the workshop, I left learning new information + also came back with some lessons for you guys as well! 

Tips for Attending your first Blogging Workshop

1.   As soon as you get there, choose someone and talk to them.  

Get there on time, that gives you more time to mingle before sitting down. As soon as I got to the workshop, I found someone who had just gotten there and began to ask her questions and have a conversation with her. It would have been much harder to find someone to really connect when everyone else has found their "workshop buddy". People are cliquey by nature, don't forget that. When it came time to sit down for the workshop, I had a friend to sit with. 

2. Bring your business cards. 

It doesn't matter if your blog is launching next week, get your business cards done if you have your website/brand in place. Even if your website hasn't officially launched yet, get them done if you're going to a workshop or conference. There were a lot of people who hadn't gotten their business cards done even though they had already launched their business! If you're looking to get your business cards done, I also design business cards. For more information click here

3. Don't be shy about giving your business cards away.

I mean, don't go around giving them to everyone you see, but make sure to give them to people you connect with. You got business cards for a reason, to give them away. 

4. You can’t be shy, try to talk to as many people as you can.  

In order to make the most of your workshop/conference, make sure to talk and create connections with as many people as you find comfortable. I was lucky to sit in a table with five other people so I made sure to ask everyone for their name, what they do, and if they brought any business cards. If these people are at the same workshop you're at, chances are you guys are interested in the same things + want to learn about the same things. 

These were the wonderful ladies that kept me company throughout the workshop :)

These were the wonderful ladies that kept me company throughout the workshop :)

5. Practice your elevator speech.

 The first thing many people will ask you is, "What is your name and what do you do?" Okay, fine maybe not that rudely but you get what I mean. Be prepared to have an answer. "I'm a blogger." does not count as a good answer. You could say, "I teach bloggers how to monetize their blog and motivate them to quit their day job." or "I own a health and wellness blog where I teach women how to love their body and reach their goals." Actually, I'm not much better myself, heh. 

6. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

Speakers encourage participants to ask questions and even though I had some questions that I wanted to ask, I decided not to. I saw plenty of other people ask for one on one advice when it was break time, but for some reason I didn't think to. Next time, I know to ask questions after each mini session! 

Just because... I took so many photos + want to share them with you guys! and yes, they are mostly photos of food, because I love food!  

We were fed 3x at the workshop, breakfast, lunch + dessert! 

We were fed 3x at the workshop, breakfast, lunch + dessert!