The Coffee Date

Want to learn how to design your own sidebar graphics without hiring a designer? Join my mailing list to see when this FREE recorded workshop will be posted! We all know that one of the most important things about your blog is it's design, but what happens when you can't afford a designer? 

Designers can charge anywhere from $30-$50 for a simple sidebar, how do I know? Because, I used to charge that same amount for something that I could do in as little as 10 minutes. Save yourself some cash and learn how to create your own graphics. 

1. How to design your very own sidebar.

You're going to learn how to design your own sidebar using your own brand colors, your fonts or your logo.

2. How to create clipping masks.

Seriously one of the most important things you'll learn (and easiest as well!) Learn how to use clipping masks for basically everything. 

3. How to upload your newly made graphics onto wordpress + squarespace.

I'll show you how to upload your new sidebar graphics into either wordpress or squarespace. It's easier than you think. Plus, you'll learn some HTML and you'll never have to search "how to make a clickable image" again!

This Free training will be delivered on teachable. Check your email for the login and access code at the end of December!