The Coffee Date

Are you struggling with using Instagram to get your content seen? Do you post a photo only to get a few likes and no engagement whatsoever? Do you stress out about posting consistent high quality content that will attract your target audience? What if I told you that you would never have to deal with those problems again? 

Just a few months ago, I was terrified of Instagram. After creating an Instagram for my lifestyle blog, I found it so hard to get followers. I made sure I took nice photos, used hashtags, and tried my best to post at least once a day... but after more than half a year of using Instagram I only had 150 followers. I couldn't understand what I was doing wrong. Does this sound like you? This course is what you need!

Now, after a few months of using Instagram I've been offered free products, gotten so many collaboration requests, guest post opportunities, and am able to find design clients by using Instagram. It's been such an incredible journey from where I was just a year ago. Did I mention that I don't have a huge following on Instagram either?

By using these strategies, my feed is featured on TOP POSTS for almost EVERY hashtag EVERYDAY.

You're going to learn the exact strategies I use to get almost a 30% engagement rate on my Instagram posts. Though I don't have tons of followers, I manage to get almost double the amount of engagement compared to accounts that have more than 10K followers! 

Jumpstart your Instagram is not a course for beginners - I'm not going to show you how to upload your photos, what a hashtag is, or how to tag your location. You're going to learn actionable tips that will show you how to master Instagram to get results. 

The course is broken down into different parts:

1. Optimization: We are going to make sure that your Instagram is properly optimized to ensure that you reach your target audience. 

2. Creating Content: After this section, you're never going to get suck wondering what to post and when to post. We're talking all about content curation, how to take your own gorgeous photos (with an expert photographer, Dana Dyer) and how to make sure the content attracts your ideal audience.

3. Editing your Content: Now, we're going to talk about how to use specific apps to make sure that the photos really "pop" and make people want to "like". This section is filled with video tutorials of photos getting edited right before your eyes with expert Social Media Strategist Patty Rivas

4. Strategy: This is the core of the lesson and the most important part. We're going to dive deep into hashtag research, talk about apps that you can use to analyze your Instagram content, and apps to help you manage your account. I'm going to show you how I went about getting 50 Instagram followers in one day, how to write a caption that your target audience will connect with and how to find your target audience. 

This course is for you if you're:

  • An entrepreneur who wants to learn how to use Instagram to promote your business and get more clients.
  • A blogger who wants to grow a larger following, and get noticed by brands online. 
  • A creative who wants to get more collaborations and gain more exposure in your industry. 
  • Stressing out about how the algorithm change will affect you and your account.
Even if you've been using Instagram for a year - you'll be able to get actionable tips that will help you grow your following & get more engagement.

This course is not for you if:

  • You've been using Instagram successfully, have been able to find clients and are already using analytics and other apps to manage your Instagram.   
I get it – making an investment is a scary thing. But, ask yourself this: What are your goals for your business? Is your target audience on Instagram? And, what could you accomplish if you had an Instagram following that is engaging and loves you and your product? 

 Not only are you going to learn amazing tips that will show you how to create an action plan, but you're going to get to learn valuable information from my guest experts: Dana Dyer and Patty Rivas. 

Dana Dyer : Lifestyle Photographer

Dana Dyer is a storytelling photographer who specializes in documenting families, branding businesses, and wiping noses (she's also a mom of 7!) She will be walking us through shooting,lighting, composition, and editing (with a Lightroom tutorial!) to help your photos look better and compliment your brand. If you'd like to send her a photo with a common issue you have, she would love your permission to use it in the class and tell or show what could be done to improve it. You can contact her at, write "Instagram course photo(s)" in the subject line. 

Patty Rivas: Social Media Strategist

The best part about this course is that you'll be getting an actual tutorial on how to edit your photos using various apps! These amazing lessons will be taught by Patty Rivas, a Social Media Stategist and owner of SocialStorm Media. You can find her blog and more tips over at

She'll be showing you how to edit your photos with various apps like Afterlight, Snapseed, Over and more. It sounds more complicated than it is, I promise! Each app has a different use depending on what type of image you want to post on Instagram. You'll learn the ins and outs of these apps and be well on your way to creating beautiful images that will make people stop scrolling.


*Please be aware that this course only works if you work. If you do not implement the strategies outlined in the course then you will not get results. If you aren't satisfied with the course then you will be elgible for a refund within 30 days, BUT you must be able to show proof that you tried to implement these strategies with no success.