The Coffee Date

You're going to learn exactly how to revamp your Instagram so that it shows off your creativity, your passion and your brand! If you spend your time wondering how to more engagement and get your feed looking organized and clean, then you need to do this audit. Plus, did I mention it's completely free? 

The 5 Day Instagram Audit is going to walk you through how to properly assess your Instagram; after this you're going to be able to attract your target audience! 

It doesn't matter if you've been using Instagram for a month or even a year. These tips are practical and will help you attract followers who will increase your engagement!

1. How to create the perfect bio (trust me, you NEED to do this!)

2. How to find your Instagram Style (with tons of examples from my favorite accounts).

3. How to create amazing Instagram content that attracts followers & get more eyes on your account. 

4. How to edit your Instagram graphics.

5. Instagram No-No's (what you need to remember when using Instagram!)

All the lessons will be laid out to make it easy for you to follow along. Best of all, I use examples from Instagram accounts that are just like you - #girlboss

So, you can print out the lessons OR save it to view later. You'll be getting an introduction lesson, then after that a lesson everyday for 5 days. Lessons come with action steps that will pave the way for your success!